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Helping unfulfilled professionals change their 

MBA Qualified Coach, Consultant & Demartini Values Facilitator

Providing a blend of Coaching, Consulting & Facilitation Services for unhappy professionals in the midlife mid-career stage that want to experience more fulfilment at work and beyond.

About Zoë


With 20 years of real world employee experience, five career changes and expertise in organisational and human behaviour, I'm helping to improve employee experience, engagement and wellbeing for mid-career professionals.

It's not that there isn't enough information out there to help improve how we manage our working lives but that there's a lack of access to the right information and support delivered in a way that can be practically applied to our lives.

After personally experiencing my own mid-career unfulfilment and from speaking with other professionals going through the same challenges, I realised that what's really needed is an easier way for busy, confused and overwhelmed midlife mid-career professionals to Try On (or try out) opportunities to align with what feels fulfilling for them.

That's why I created The ChangIN Room™ - to help make it easier for those in the mid-career stage to make room for more fulfilment at work and beyond.

What I do...

I help unhappy professionals in mid-career that want to feel more fulfilment to answer the two most important questions:

Helping mid-career professionals answer 2 key questions
  • What should I do & how can I do it?

What I do
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Feeling unhappy & unfulfilled in your job doesn't always mean you need to make a career change or to even quit your current workplace...

Mid-career opportunities to realign

I help you to see the other opportunities available to feel happier about your job/career

How I do it...?

I focus on understanding the actual underlying problem area that is creating the negative feelings and discomfort that you are currently experiencing. Being able to spot the root causes of problems is a skill that many struggle with but is the most important stage of any change process. If you don't diagnose the right problem then you're not going to get the right solutions (which is a waste of time, money and energy).


I'm skilled at being able to view problems and situations from multiple angles combining my expertise and knowledge in both business, organisational behaviour and human behaviour. I have developed a Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis tool to help uncover the type of misalignment individuals might be experiencing in mid-career malaise/unfulfilment.

Once the type of misalignment is identified, then I help individuals to determine what they may need to 'Try On' to start feeling better and to create more fulfilment at work and in their personal lives (to realign). Opportunities include connecting with the meaning and purpose in your work (a perspective shift), implementing job design/crafting strategies or identifying potential new career paths.


Every individual is unique and so is their situation, that's why I deliver a friendly personalised service through one-on-one sessions.

How I do it

Demartini Values Facilitator

Human values are what motivate us, they are the foundation of human behaviour and the key to self-development. The Demartini Value Determination Process® is a series of 13 questions assisting in determining what is most important to least (lesser) important in an individual's life. The unique hierarchy of human values determines how an individual will perceive, act and react.

As a Certified Demartini Values Facilitator, I have completed the required training that enables me to apply the Demartini Values in Business, Education or any aspect of mentoring others whether related to performance in business or personal development, including maximising employee engagement.

Zoë in training with Dr. Demartini 

Demartini Values Facilitator

Why I do it...?

Because I dislike wasted potential. Feeling disengaged, unhappy and unfulfilled at work is common but it shouldn't be the norm. It's not good for wellbeing or for business but yet it is a problem that continues to be endured. 


The lowest levels of employee engagement are generally found among mid-career employees. The midlife mid-career stage is particularly challenging for many as they are triggered to re-evaluate their priorities, interests and direction. The midlife mid-career stage also provides golden opportunities to reset your life and intentionally make changes to realign with what's more fulfilling for you. 


However, navigating this stage alone can be very difficult and finding the right resources and support is one of the key barriers for many busy, overwhelmed and burned-out midlife mid-career professionals.


The existing resources and support is fragmented and many organisations are ill-prepared to manage the unique needs of their midlife employees. 


I believe there's a better way to manage our working lives, by taking a more holistic and human-centred approach that makes it easier to open up the opportunities for mid-career professionals to try on/try out different options to increase fulfilment and engagement in their jobs/careers.

Why I do it
Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool - Free eBook

Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Free

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eBook - Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis
Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach & Facilitator

Zoë Blasch

Skill building helped this RMIT alum hit reset on her career.

Hitting the reset button in mid-career

I returned to study to help me try on what I wanted to next in my career...

What is it that you might need to
Try On?


"I would highly recommend one to take a session with Zoe when it comes to seeking clarity on knowing your top values. Zoe is someone who goes the extra mile beyond just professional and gives you guidance with utmost care and concern..."

Nandita, India


Work with me...

Work with me

I provide career coaching, facilitation and mentoring services in Melbourne and beyond. For more information please contact me below or visit The ChangIN Room™ for a list of services and access to free resources.


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Zoë Blasch MBA - Mid-Career Coach & Facilitator
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