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What do you need toTry On
for more Fulfilment...?

Hi I'm Zoë Blasch, an MBA-qualified Coach, Job Crafter & Demartini Values Facilitator and Founder of The ChangIN Room™.

With 20 years of employee experience, 5 career changes and 2 side hustles, I've learned what it takes to realign for more fulfilment and now help others in the midlife mid-career stage to do the same.

4 Facts about Zoë


I hit the reset button in mid-career, quitting my job & jumping into the unknown!

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Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach & Facilitator

Zoë Blasch

Skill building helped this RMIT alum hit reset on her career.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself in a toxic workplace and stuck in a job that was causing me to burn-out. I decided to quit the security of a public sector job and returned back to uni to study an MBA.

Returning to study in midlife in addition to homeschooling two kids was not always easy! However, immersing myself into subjects that I find interesting (innovation and human behaviour) was re-energising and enabled me to hit the reset button and focus on the next right step.

Feeling stuck?
It's about knowing whether to Resign or Re-design

Zoë in training with Dr. Demartini 


I've been trained by
a world-renowned human-behaviour specialist...

After completing my MBA, I knew I wanted to focus on the human side of workplaces and to deepen my knowledge on human behaviour and motivation.

As an existing student of the Demartini Institute I decided to train as a Demartini Values Facilitator taught by world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, Dr. John Demartini.

Human values are what motivate us and are the foundation of human behaviour. As a Certified Demartini Values Facilitator, I have completed the required training that enables me to apply the Demartini Values in Business, Education or any aspect of mentoring others whether related to performance in business or personal development, including maximising employee engagement. 

What's part of you, that's not part of your work?


I love dancing & challenging myself with performances
(even though I'm an introvert!)

Zoe Blasch - Dance

Dance has always been part of my life on and off growing-up but can be hard to keep up as you get older. In my late-30s (feeling worn-out managing two young kids & a career), I decided to carve out some time (make room for me again) & return to dancing.

Dance is what energises me and what I find fulfilling as an activity which isn't connected to my work but is part of my identity. Since 2016, I've performed to over 2,500 people in 10 different performances and love meeting other likeminded dancers along the way.

I particularly love hip hop dancing, even more so as I get older as it surprises people when I say I can hip hop dance! ;-)

Forget about following your passions, Follow your interests instead...

Zoë Blasch - F1 Fan


I'm an F1 Fan...

Growing up in the UK, Sunday afternoons at home were often filled with the sound of F1 cars racing on the TV. The world of F1 is something that's always intrigued me - the innovation, risk taking, team work, personalities, strategies, mind games and the out-of-reach lifestyles.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2009, I've been to almost every F1 race and experienced it from all angles - from picnicking on the crowded grass in general admission with the kids to walking down the Paddock with the drivers and celebrities!

We even scheduled a visit to the Monaco Grand Prix on a European family holiday we did in 2017 when the kids were young! (The kids didn't appreciate it but it was part of my bucket list!).

What do you need to 
make more room for?

Helping you decide what to Try On for more Fulfilment

The midlife mid-career stage can be a time of dealing with the "must dos" & "have tos", leaving little left in the tank to focus on what you "love to" and "want to" tasks and experiences.

In the busyness and perhaps wash, rinse, repeat routine of life, it's normal to lose sight of what actually makes you 'tick', what intrinsically drives/motivates you or makes you feel energised - especially if the majority of your time is in a job your find draining.

That's why I created The ChangIN Room™, to provide a place for overwhelmed professionals in the midlife mid-career stage to understand what it is they may need to Try On to realign for more fulfilment at work and beyond.

I enjoy creating practical tools, resources and experiences to help make it easier for mid-career individuals to feel better and more fulfilled.


Because it's good for wellbeing and good for business.

It's about bringing a more human-centred approach to the way we manage our lives at work and beyond.
Zoë Blasch


eBooklet - Detemining What's Meaningful & Energising
Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool - Free eBook
eBooklet - Determining Meaningful & Energising - The ChangIN Room - Feb 24


"I was at a stage in my life where I found myself needing to make some major decisions in regards to which direction - personally & professionally. I didn’t want to spend more time pursuing vocations or careers that aren't completely congruent with who I am and what I truly want...

Engaging Zoë finally helped me to bring clarity on my unique hierarchy of values & what direction to take..."

Hamish, QLD Australia



I provide coaching, facilitation and mentoring services in Melbourne and beyond.


For more information please contact me below or visit The ChangIN Room™ for a list of services & access to FREE resources especially designed for navigating mid-career.


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Zoë Blasch MBA - Mid-Career Coach & Facilitator
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